Building Language: Word Sounds

Authors:   Jan Mackey & Robyn Dower
Year:   1998
Publisher:   Words Work
ISBN:   0 646 35568 6

Description:   A language programme to build recognition and production of speech sounds and letters within words.

A companion volume to Building Language: Word Meanings.
For use: by Speech Pathologists working with adults and adolescents who have dysphasia, dyslexia or dysgraphia
  by Teachers of Adult Literacy
  by Speech Pathologists working with children who have language and literacy needs
  in basic language training, including English as a second language
Features: Based on cognitive neuropsychological theory
  Tasks graded according to phonological features, word frequency, word shape and spelling regularity
  User-friendly for the learner and their carer/helper
  Practical hints and instructions in everyday language
  Enables self-directed continuation of therapy at home
  Individual worksheets for direct use
  Coded sheets for quick grading
  Material suitable for children and adults
Sample: PDF Download some sample pages, including Contents (4.26 MB)

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Jan Mackey and Robyn Dower,
Speech Pathologists



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