Building Language: Word Meanings 2

Authors:   Robyn Dower & Jan Mackey
Year:   2011
Publisher:   Words Work
ISBN:   978-0-9870774-0-0

Description: A language programme designed to use directly from the computer screen or to print out worksheets.
  Build language based on the principles of neuroplasticity (e.g. The Brain That Changes Itself, Doidge 2007)
  Strengthening semantic processing
For use: By people with language difficulties such as aphasia
  By people who have difficulty finding or understanding words
  By speech pathologists working with clients with aphasia
  In cognitive-language intervention, particularly to strengthen skills in categorization and attention
  By teachers of Adult Literacy, especially at the interface between rehabilitation and literacy courses
  In basic adult language training, including English as a second language
Features: Based on cognitive neuropsychological theory
  Tasks graded according to semantic features
  User friendly for the learner and their helper
  Practical language strategies
  Printable CD / e-book format in full colour
  Work in colour from the screen
  Printable worksheets, as required
  Enables self-directed continuation of therapy at home
  Printable score sheets to track progress
  Material suitable for adults and children

Words Work

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development of communication skills

Jan Mackey and Robyn Dower,
Speech Pathologists



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