Communicate with Confidence

Authors:   Sue Sloan, Jan Mackey and Sue Chamberlain
Publisher:   Skilled Life Press
Year:   2006
ISBN:   0 9775941 0 6

Description: Written in plain language, Communicate with Confidence provides information, hints and practical exercises in five key everyday communication skills:
  Greeting and Partings
  Extending Social Networks
Structured activity worksheets: Work by yourself; thinking or writing.
Work with a communication partner.
Practice in the community.
A resource for: Employees or employers wanting to improve workplace communication
  Adults who lack confidence in social situation
  People wanting to improve communication within the family
  Skilled communicators who want to refine their interactive style
  Speech pathologists, occupational therapists and psychologists addressing social skill development
  Anyone seeking to broaden or strengthen friendships and networks
  Parents and teachers working with adolescents to develop peer relationships
  Communicate with confidence is a practical guide for anyone wanting to improve or refresh their communication skills.

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Jan Mackey and Robyn Dower,
Speech Pathologists



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