About the Authors

Jan Mackey

B.App. Sci. (Speech Pathology)
M.A. (Applied Linguistics)

Robyn Dower

B.App. Sci. (Speech Pathology)

Jan Mackey and Robyn Dower are speech pathologists from Melbourne, Australia. Between them they have over 50 years experience in a variety of clinical settings.

They share an enthusiasm for providing speech therapy and designing therapy resources which are meaningful to clients, practical for busy speech pathologists and effectively grounded in current scientific knowledge. Robyn and Jan have a special interest in therapy based on a cognitive neuropsychological understanding of language processing.

Their first publication, Building Language: Word Meanings, was widely taken up in Australia and the UK, leading them to develop the companion manual, Building Language: Word Sounds.

In collaboration with ELR, they enjoyed transforming the Building Language: Word Meanings manual into an interactive CD, (Word Meanings), enabling increased practice opportunities for users.

The recent production of Community Cards and the new e-book, Building Language:  Word Meanings 2, reflect their desire to continue to provide therapy materials that are relevant and cutting-edge.

Jan and Robyn have also worked together to provide student and graduate workshops in language therapy based on cognitive neuropsychological theory. They are excited by the increasing awareness and understanding of neuroplasticity and the evidence it provides to support practicing speech and language exercises.

Their hope is that these therapy resources will help people with communication difficulties to achieve their goals.

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Jan Mackey and Robyn Dower,
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